• True Twin Tip Flat Camber
    • Sizes: 149, 151, 153, 156

    This year we are offering our District series with true Flat Camber. This means zero camber throughout the board. This technology offers the rider to get as close as possible to that skate feel. This camber profile is incredibly stable, quick reacting and balanced. We designed these decks with the true park rider at heart. The flat surface is very stable on rails and loads quickly and easily for max pop on any park feature.

    Artwork By: Jah-Haha

    • True Twin Tip
    • Sizes: 148, 151, 153, 156, 158

    Cost-effective, durable, jib-approved with the team-favored flex/snap, the BlackBlack is the most popular ride in the Monument Snowboards line-up. The E.S.P. I Core provides the durability and right flex you need in a noodle-free jib board. The Muffle Walls (UMHW sidwalls) are super durable with a higher resistance to sidewall impact, making this the ideal jib board in your quiver of decks. Our engineers designed this true twin jib deck with superb handling; makes selecting the BlackBlack a no-brainer.

    Artwork By: Nick Kuszyk

    • True Twin Tip
    • Sizes: 139, 142, 148, 151

    After the overwhelming success of Monument’s return to the women's specific model, the Dirty Debutantes is back for its second year. With just as much attitude as ever, this board is an all mountain killer. The Debs has all the same benefits of the Black Black; E.S.P. 1 core, Ultra Speed 1500 Base, but with the flex/snap better suited for the slightly smaller rider. Available in both regular and reverse camber options, we are certain there is a board here to suit everyone.

    Artwork By: Kate Ruth

    • True Twin Park Camber
    • Sizes: 149, 152, 155, 158

    Combining both worlds of camber and reverse camber, our newly improved FVK features the Park Camber. The Park Camber provides more control to the tips and increases support for landing jumps as opposed to reverse cambered decks. The ESP II Core with the six Bamboo laminates helps keep the flex of the board longer in addition to giving you the extra pop you need. More regular camber than reverse camber, the P.C. adds the benefits of having the response you want in a board. The ultimate park deck has arrived.

    Artwork By: akacorleone

    • ERC Camber Profile
    • Sizes: 157

    Introducing the Tragedy series, with our new ERC camber! The nose on this powder board is reverse cambered to keep your nose up while keeping the base even to the tail to give you more stability while riding freshies. This super fun deck is a new addition to our freeride line-up featuring our E.S.P. II core and Muffle Walls. The flat base gives you the added stability over a full reverse cambered deck, and is a good alternative for riders that don’t like riding full reverse cambered decks.

    Artwork By: Zé Burnay

    • Twin Directional
    • Sizes: 151, 153, 157, 160

    This twin directional has a stiffer tail and a set back stance combined with our ESP III Core. This means a combination of poplar, bamboo, and our special X-wood core gives you a super light and responsive ride. The bamboo Terra Walls makes this year's 777 a stand-out free riding machine. Terra Walls strengthen the board and increases responsiveness and pop when you need it. The Carbon V pattern in the tail gives you the extra support for bombing down the hill. If you want response, the 777 is your answer.

    Artwork By: Jah-Haha

    • Reverse Camber
    • Sizes: 155, 158, 160

    High End Performance. Super Light. Torsion Control Profile. Directional Twin. Our special blend core with our special X-wood and poplar contains horizontal laminates underneath the binding inserts for the ultimate ride. Our newly improved ESP Ultra core got lighter with the specially designed Torsion Control Profile that has been in R+D for a few years. Carbon fiber is vertically laminated between the core laminates which keeps the core stiff without adding weight and makes the Memento Mori a truly responsive beast. Big mountain riding. All terrain freestyle. This is your deck.

    Artwork By: Wasted Rita